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Beau the Dog
On December 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

Why a Gordon Setter you might ask?

We used to go to the Borders for New Year Celebrations and took our Golden Retriever Mistletoe with us.   On this very cold snowy morning we noticed in the distance the outline of three beautiful dogs.   We went out of our way to ‘bump” into the walker.   They were stunning.   We read up about the breed and then we were blessed in finding Beau.

He was so proud and majestic even as a puppy and the way he moved was second to none.   His favourite game was catching a ball even at long distances.   He loved to run, to play and enjoyed his surroundings. Being completely loopy is their trait.   A more loyal beautiful dog would be hard to find.

The poems would come to me at any time, during the night I would wander into the office and scribble the words down. Our beautiful Beau would wander in and give a huge sigh as he laid down by my side. I could hear him say ‘Not again’.

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