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Inspiration for my Poetry
On April 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

In response to many friends etc asking where do I get the ideas and words for my poems come from, the short answer is that there is no single straightforward answer. Ideas can come in the form of verse or titles at any point in time and unless I write them down instantly they can be ‘lost’ and almost impossible to recall. As they can occur at any time of day or night I always keep a notepad and pen in easy reach.

Sometimes poems can emerge from experiences as do most of mine in my two books ‘My Cancer Journey in Poetry’ and ‘Funny, Strange and Intriguingly Unexpected’.

As described in the introduction of my second book, certain poems are influenced by events:


‘Funny, Strange and Intriguingly Unexpected ’

They are a mixture of questions, indignant puzzlement and shock Why Me?, to the care of the Special Nurses, Christmas Decorations in October! and Standing my Ground a lesson I learnt throughout this process. To the very important things in my life Boobs forever dealing with my feelings at the loss of my breast, My Saviour the saving of my hand due to my Sepsis event, Physio Toys my struggles/battles with rubber balls, tubes and cradles and My Music teaching my restricted left hand to play the piano again. Nothing we can say written for a dear friend. Along the way, serendipitous happiness Wedding Ring.


All proceeds from the sale of these poems will be donated to The Trinity Hospice, Bispham, Lancashire.

Available at www.felicitytrundle.co.uk/product/funny-strange-and-intriguingly-unexpected-copy/ £4.99 

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